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In Conclusion

Jesus covered many different topics in the Sermon on the Mount, but he ended it by using the illustration of building a house on either the rock or sand. This illustration is the main point of the entire Sermon, which is, “If you do what I have taught you to do in this Sermon, you will be able to endure whatever life throws at you.”

In the conclusion to your teaching you need to state your main point so that it remains fresh in the memory of your audience. You may lead up to your main point, as Jesus did, in which case you will state your main point for the first time in your conclusion. Or you may have stated your main point in your introduction, in which case you will restate it in your conclusion. You may also want to reiterate the titles to your subpoints because the repetition will help your audience to remember them. Whatever you do, make sure that your main point is one of the last things they hear so that it stands out in their minds and is the one thing they are thinking about as they leave.


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