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Christianity, then, is a reasonable faith and a valid system of truth. Unlike most religions, Christianity is not based on a set of unverifiable beliefs which we are expected to blindly accept as true. Christianity invites us to verify its beliefs, for the Bible itself tells us that the Christian faith rests squarely upon the physical resurrection of Christ. If the resurrection did not in fact occur, we might as well reject Christianity as a fraud. But if it did, then the Christian faith is a valid system of truth, for the resurrection confirms that Jesus Christ did receive his teachings from God himself. And the testimony of reliable witnesses has confirmed that the resurrection did in fact occur.

Christianity is more than just a set of beliefs. It is a permanent relationship with God himself. This relationship, based on mutual, self-sacrificing love and faith in his honest and unchanging character, will transform you so that you can do the good works that we know we should do but are unable to do by ourselves. God is eagerly waiting for you to enter into this relationship. Nothing else you could do would make him happier. And once you do enter into this relationship, you will know that Christianity is indeed a reasonable faith and a valid system of truth, for once you enter into this relationship, you will have all the proof you need.

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